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About URL Encoder / Decoder

Encode or Decode any URL, URI, or other text online using the Online URL Encoder / Decoder.

When adding unusual characters to a URL parameter, which is also known as percent encoding, this online URL Encoder/Decoder tool comes in handy. Unallowable characters are replaced by a percent (percent sign) and two additional hexadecimal values during URL encoding. If you want to determine the source of an email campaign or a newsletter, URL decoding is useful.

You may easily decode the encoded URL into a human-readable format or encode the decoded URL using the Free & Online URL Decoder tool.

By decoding special characters, the URL Decode online tool converts a URL encoded string into a conventional URL string.

The PHP url encode function, javascript, or our Online URL Encode utility can all be used to encode a normal URL.

To avoid confusing browsers between query string data and URL, the encoded URL only comprises characters that may be rapidly passed via the query string.