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PageRank is a mathematical algorithm that counts the number and quality of links to a webpage to determine its importance and authority. It then displays the page's score on a scale of "0" to "10."

PageRank assigns a score based on the number and quality of links from other websites to a page, which act as "votes." So, in general, the more "votes" a page has and the higher the quality of "voters" (that is, the websites from which those links are coming), the higher the PageRank score of that page.


Google Index Checker is a free online tool for determining a website's PageRank. It functions similarly to a page score calculator, but in a much more useful manner.

PageRank is an independent measure of Google's perception of a web page's quality, authority, and credibility. As a result, our tool does not rely on any specific search phrase to calculate a page's PageRank score, but rather delivers results that meet standards in a more reliable manner.

PageRank is important to you as a webmaster because, as previously stated, it is one of the most important variables Google considers when ranking websites in its search engine results pages. It aids the search engine in determining the most reliable content for a given query.

Backlinks are one of Google's all-time most important ranking factors. Checking your website's PageRank gives you an idea of the quantity and quality of backlinks it has, as Google PR is frequently based on backlinks.

PageRank is still important, according to Google. It is no longer public, but it is still a significant ranking factor.