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You can use the bulk domain authority checker tool to check the authority of several domains. It's a popular tool for SEOs who are focused on link building, which is frequently seen as the most difficult aspect of the work. It lets you verify the domain and page authorities of external sources, as well as link urls, to see how much link equity would be transferred if the external source linked to your site or vice versa. This can assist you in identifying good websites and backlinks with which to associate yourself in order to build your link profile while avoiding low-quality sites and harmful links.

This bulk domain authority checker tool is a helpful SEO tool for determining the authority of various websites. It's a popular link-building tool for search engine optimization pros. The domain and page authority scores indicate how much link equity would be transferred to your site if a "do-follow" outlink from a given site or page linked to it. Building links to increase domain authority has been proved to improve your site's capacity to rank well in search engines for your content/keywords. When studying larger website datasets, the Moz Trust and Moz Spam Score metrics are less useful, but they can occasionally assist you detect and avoid low-quality websites.