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Domain Into IP is a free tool that converts any website address into its corresponding IP address. Enter your domain name and click submit to view the domain's IP address.

An IP address is made up of four numbers. Each of which has one to three numbers in it. Each set of numbers is separated by a single dot '.' Each of the four numbers can have a value ranging from 0 to 255. is an example of an IP address. This seemingly innocuous collection of numbers is the key that allows a user to send and receive data from other websites. This string of numbers ensures that we arrive at the correct website.

We use domain names to find our favourite websites, which we also bookmark in our search browsers. We may even write them down and save them in case something goes wrong with our machine. But why do we need to know the IP address of a domain? If we want to learn more about the domain, we'll need this information.

Using SEO Journey's Domain Into IP Utility, you can convert a host or domain name to an IP address.