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About Domain Age Checker

The Domain Age Checker tool allows you to check the lifespan of a website with a single click. It will not only tell you when a domain was created, but it will also show you when a website was last updated.

Domain age is a significant factor in how search engines rank your website. Domains that were registered more than a year ago may rank higher than new websites. Moz takes this into account when assigning website authority to a website. A website that was registered more than 5 years ago is considered to be a stable business. As a consequence, Older websites (and domain names) tend to be more stable than newer websites, and offer more credibility to search engines.

Google has officially announced that aged domains have a higher ranking in search engines because those companies are less likely to close down. This parameter was also considered by Google PageRank, but it no longer exists. While Moz Domain Authority algorithms continue to consider it a significant factor when calculating or updating domain authority of any website.

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