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About Broken Links Finder

A dead link is a term used to describe a broken link. It's a link on a certain page that has already failed or isn't functioning properly. Broken links can be caused by a variety of factors, including for instance:

  • The website is constantly unavailable.
  • The website is no longer active.
  • The link has been removed because it has been relocated to a new domain.
  • There has been a change to the internal connection.
  • Links to content such as PDFs, videos, and other media have been moved or removed.


Broken Links Finder is a powerful SEO tool that may help you find broken links on a website. Broken links, as we previously discussed, are bad for both your website and your reputation. You can use the Broken Links Finder to look for any broken links on your blog or website. You may also use the Broken Links Finder to scan as many webpages as you need to find any broken links that are hurting your website's ranking.